Lucy Jones - Cross Country

Lucy Jones from So

Yazmin Pinchen Sunshine Tour

Our Brand Ambassador Yazimin Pinchen went on the Sunshine Tour in Spain and answers a few questions about i

Devils Claw root and competition horses

The rules governing the feeding of Devil’s Claw Root to horses have now been changed; the FEI now classifie

2016 seems to have been quite a year already and there is mu

Dingley point to point racing

A good days racing was had at the Woodland Pytchley Point-to

Aintree Racing trainers and owners

With all eyes on the forthcoming Crabbie’

Dodson & Horrell PPORA Novice Rider Series at Oakley

A good days racing was had at the Oakley Point-to-Point on

Point to point racing at Garnons

A good days racing was had at the South Herefordshire Hunt Point-to-Point

Less than a week to go for entries

As horse owners, we are bombarded with conflicting advice and opinions on starch.